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More Alike than Different- Part 2


Back today to celebrate more amazing kiddos! 


Meet Sam. Sam is super social & loves to meet new people! He has the best imagination. He transitions into new places & situations with great ease. He has an amazing imagination, so we love having dance parties and playing dress up. We sing & watch movies & go for walks. 


Meet Miles. His smile is pretty awesome! He gives amazing hugs, and he is one determined boy!  Miles' momma says that Miles loves singing and dancing! He loves music and has some crazy awesome dance moves! We also love to be outside. He's as happy as a clam with the wind in his face! 


Meet Kate. Kate's momma says that Kate never meets a stranger and always attracts a crowd wherever we go! She is my social butterfly and has an infectious smile and personality that is heart warming and contagious! She wakes up each morning with energy and enthusiasm like none other I've seen!  She LOVES going to school and is always very proud to share her daily reports and experiences when she comes home! We are very fortunate to have a wonderful home school with supporting teachers to help Kate be her very best - just like any other kid! At just six years old, our little girl is so compassionate and encouraging!  Because of a delay in speech, her other communication skills have always seemed hypersensitive.  She has been able to sense moods and tones and really be in tuned and aware of things without the need for verbalization. However, now that her speech is beginning to catch up, she is always checks in with family and friends and asks how they are doing.  "Okay, mom?!" "You good, Sam"? (Little sister) even more than that, she is so encouraging and offers sweet compliments or notices a new blouse or hair cut and will tell you - "oh so cute mom" or "so pretty, mom!" She even tells her little sister "good job, or good girl" offering praise for a job well done.  Her compassionate side, and offering little phrases of affirmation from someone with limited vocabulary just speaks so much for the size of her heart - she is such a special girl who is growing up too quick for me!! We love playing hide-and-go seek! She has gotten really really clever with her hiding spots - and I adore hearing her count, and yelling "Ready or not, here I come!"  Hiding; however, was a lot easier when I was a lot smaller! 


Meet Ivan. Ivan is smart, funny and headstrong. His momma says, "We love camping, playing sports, music , dancing and cooking together."


Meet Brookann.  Brookann has intense joy, and a passion for music and dance.  She is persistent and determined. Brookann loves Singing, dancing, reading books, and snuggling. 


Meet Lily. She is hilarious!  Lily is a very smart girl.  She likes to do tumbling and ballet. Her momma says they enjoy walks and bike rides...especially to go get froyo! Lily has recently discovered that she likes to get pedicures with me, which I love!  We also enjoy going to the movies. 


Meet Hudson. Hudson has the best personality!  His love for others shines through and he is so determined. Hudson enjoys talking, singing, and  playing in the yard. He also loves to snuggle. 


Meet Leroy. He desires to do things for himself, and loves to be independent. He knows what he likes/dislikes and can communicate those. He is the welcoming committee everywhere we go- he is friendly. Leroy loves to play and read books. 


Meet Tine. She is a good dancer! She has a lot of spunk! She is very affectionate.  Tine enjoys dancing, singing, and going to bounce houses. 

The past two posts have been my favorite! I absolutely love celebrating these sweet kiddos! And I am so thankful for their momma's wanting allowing me to share their kiddos on the blog! And speaking of those awesome momma's- more from them is coming soon! 

Happy Thursday, friends!



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