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Thoughts after our IEP meeting...


So we had our IEP meeting on Wednesday, and I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts. 

  • Getting an advocate was such a good decision for us. Our meeting was incredibly emotionally charged,  and being able to sit and have someone else speak for us what such a blessing.  She fought so hard for Dex. 
  • So hard, in fact- that our meeting lasted for 4 hours, and we already have another one scheduled for next month- because we did not even get halfway through the agenda. 
  • Bryan and I know our kiddo and what he is capable of and how he learns better than anyone else- and I am not a fan of people telling me that they know him better.
  • Our tribe is freaking amazing- I got texts, messages, and calls the whole day. You guys are the sweetest and best support system! 
  • Don’t try to write a blog post while watching This is Us- you won’t be able to focus, and then you will be ugly crying all over your keyboard. 
  • Seriously- best show that has ever been on television. 
  • And… I digress.

I still feel like I am processing. I have several letters to write today, data to go over and a 4 hours recording to listen to and make notes so I don’t forget things. I hate that this is so difficult. I have to fight tooth and nail to allow Dex to sit in a class and be taught with his typical peers. Why is inclusion met with such opposition? Why do we fight so hard to keep people who are different than us on the outside? 

Thinking about who Jesus was, and who he hung out with helps me to know that Jesus included and loved those who weren’t like him. You guys, all this division in the world today breaks his heart. He created every single person on this earth EXACTLY the way they are. Who are we to decided that some people aren’t as good as others. 

Anyway…this is a heavy post for a Friday- but just wanted to update you all on our IEP process. Please keep those prayers coming- we still have a long road ahead and lots of decisions to make. 

Now I am off to enjoy a quiet weekend with my favorites, and gear up for another insane week next week! 

Until next time…

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Thoughts on the day of an IEP meeting