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Friendsgiving Menu


Today is one of my favorite days of the year. We didn't get to host one for the last couple of years, but now that we are settled in our new home and our kids are healthy, it's time for another round of Friendsgiving! We are hosting a few of our oldest and dearest friends for a feast tonight. Then we are leaving tomorrow morning for Orlando for another Friendsgiving hosted by some of our sweet Orlando friends. Needless to say, I love celebrating Thanksgiving with friends, and expressing how grateful I am for the people the Lord has placed in our lives over the years. 

I thought I would share our menu today, just in case you are hosting your own Friendsgiving or need some ideas to take to your family's Thanksgiving celebrations. Enjoy!

The Menu

Turkey and ham- I bought a smoked turkey and a small ham at whole foods.They are ready to be heated and served, and will be delicious.

Cauliflower stuffing- Since my guy is vegan, I wanted to make sure I had some filling options for him as well. I found the recipe for this cauliflower, mushroom and wild rice stuffing on my favorite food blog and knew that Bryan would love this!

Maple orange sweet potatoes- Rebekah Lyons put out a lovely Friendsgiving Guide, and these roasted sweet potatoes were in there. They look and sound amazing! 

Pumpkin Crunch Cake- You have to have a pumpkin dessert right? Pumpkin crunch cake with fresh whipped cream will be an awesome ending to our feast!

Salad, Rolls, Dessert, Sides- Our sweet friends have offered to bring these things to help complete our feast. Love our people! 

Apple Cider Mimosas- I mean, you need a fun cocktail for Thanksgiving, right? It's just apple cider and prosecco. You are welcome. 

Fall Punch- I am making this punch for the kids and those who don't want the mimosas. It is just equal parts gingerale, cranberry juice and apple cider. 

Shaved Sprouts with Pancetta- I just use the shaved sprouts from trader joes. Add a little olive oil to a deep skillet. Add cubed pancetta, and cook until crispy. Add in the sprouts and cook until tender. Finish with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar that you have reduced down on the stove. I make these every year!

Charcuterie Board- a meat and cheese appetizer board for munchies. I model my boards after the how to post on Living with Landyn.

Mashed Potatoes- I took a shortcut here thanks to another favorite blogger- Living with Landyn- she swears by the Bob Evans mashed potatoes, so we are going to give those a try! 

for kids

turkey sliders- turkey or ham on the mini hawaiian rolls for the kiddos 

strawberries and grapes

other sides from the menu that they will eat

pumpkin ice cream- Thank you for an easy dessert for the kids, trader Joes!

Just a few things going on around here...

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