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Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas


Hey friends! 

First of all, thank you to all of you who entered the giveaway! The winner has been chosen and notified- I can't wait to do more giveaways soon! 

Instead of telling you all about my favorite things today, I decided to give you some ideas for quick and easy hostess gifts. Tis' the season for heading to family and friends homes to celebrate the holidays. I thought I would find some cute gifts that you could take instead of a bottle of wine- although that is never a bad gift! 

Thieves cleaner and handtowel- Get a set of these mini spray bottles on amazon,  print some cute labels, or get some on etsy ( I LOVE these), grab your bottle of theives cleaner and mix up a mini bottle for your hostess. Pair it with a cute striped or Christmas kitchen towel and you have got a great little gift! 

* And if you need to buy theives cleaner, just let me know! 

Cheese knives- A great set of cheese knives is a great gift (unless their household is dairy free). I love these copper ones from Williams Sonoma, or you can get this cute set from target that is a little more budget friendly

tea or coffee and a cute mug- grab a bag of coffee or a tin of tea, and put it with a cute mug or set of mugs, and you are good to go! (A few of my favorite mugs from target- one, two, three, four)

flowers in a pretty pitcher they can use later- so I just bought this gorgeous pitcher from the new Hearth and Home collection at Target- although I had a hard time stopping at just one, because all their pitchers are lovely. Fill it with a bouquet of fall flowers or a bunch of Eucalyptus, and you have a gift they can decorate with, then use the pitcher for drinks or a vase later on. 

coffee table book- A pretty book is always a good gift as well. I would chose this book by Emily Henderson. I LOVE her instagram and style. I know I have talked about this book before, but it is on my wishlist, and is so good! This would be another cool one for the music lover. 

record- Record Players are everywhere these days, and if you know your host has one, a holiday record, or record by their favorite artist is a great gift! A few of my holiday favorites are- one, two, three, four)

 Beautycounter Handcream set- This holiday handcream set would be the perfect hostess gift. I have recently fallen in love with the beautycounter products, and this little trio would be perfect for the hostess who has been washing her hands a million times while making a meal. 

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