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For those special kiddos in your life


Hey friends!

Today I will be posting my last gift guide of the season. I have made it with kids who have special needs in mind, but these would be awesome for any kiddo in your life.

Before we had Dex, I didn’t think about the purpose of toys and books other than fun. And now, that is all I think about. My poor kids only get toys if they can be used for some sort of therapy purpose. Haha.

Gross motor toys:

Plasma Car- These super cool cars help with balance, and are a good prep for a bike. Dex also has a balance bike that he rides to help prepare him for a bike with training wheels (which is on his birthday wishlist).

Scooter Board- Dex loves the scooter board in Occupational Therapy. There are so many different activities you can do with a scooter board. They can scoot on their bellies or booties.

Stomp Rocket- this works on balancing and stomping, and just looks so fun!

Speech toys:

Bubble bear- this is the best invention ever. No more sticky fingers, or spilled bubbles. This is also great for hand strength, and we all know that blowing bubbles is something kiddos work on in speech therapy.

Original Squeeze- these reusable pouches are great for working on mouth strength, and if your kids are like mine- you go through a million pouches a day. Having a reusable one would be budget friendly as well!

Fine motor:

Theraputty- this stuff is the best! We hide pennies and tiny toys in it and Dex works on pulling the items out of it. It works on hand strength and pincer grasp.

Rocket pencil- This is the only pencil that Dex has success writing with at this time. It is the perfect size and shape for his hand. These would make perfect stocking stuffers


Special Needs Games: How am I feeling game. This game is such a cool way to talk about feelings with your kids. I can’t wait to get one for my boys!

Amazon Fire- Thanks to cyber Monday, I got a great deal on an amazon fire for Dex. I have been downloading  educational apps for him. I like the format of the fire so much more than the Ipad and I am excited to show Dex that the tablet is for more than watching movies. :)

I would love to hear any other ideas you have!

Enjoy finishing up that holiday shopping!

Until next time...


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