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Santa Claus is coming to town


This is currently Dex’s favorite song, when it is sung by the Jackson 5. What can I say, the kid has good taste in music.

Bryan and I had no problem agreeing on how we would do Santa gifts in our home. First, because we don’t ever have a giant budget for Christmas. Second, because neither of us think that our kids need a million gifts. We are Christmas minimalists. Lol

Santa has 4 categories that he buys for. Each kiddo gets something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.  They also get stockings stuffed with socks, undies (or diapers), a toothbrush, and something fun. They may have more than one gift in each category (depends on the budget), but none of the gifts are big.

Often times, the need is a new coat, so technically, even though that would go in the wear category, since it is a need, Santa puts it there. Santa is a really practical guy. 

We are blessed with super content kiddos, so there have never been any tears, or pouting, yet. I know it will come. :)

Christmas 2016. Look at that tiny Gus!

Christmas 2016. Look at that tiny Gus!

As far gifts from Bryan and I (because Santa is totally separate, right?), we usually do a family gift of some sort- something we can all do or enjoy together.

Another thing we do each year before Christmas, is go through all of the kid’s clothes and toys with them. We make bags of things to give to others who are in need. We also like to add new items to these bags, and find a place to donate the items that will distribute them to those who need them. This teaches our kids about giving, and how it is important to give rather than receive. It also keeps os from being overrun with stuff.

Again, this works for us, and I know it may not work for everyone- but it works well for us!

Christmas 2016 when Dex saw Santa from the line- my favorite photo of him! Christmas magic!

Christmas 2016 when Dex saw Santa from the line- my favorite photo of him! Christmas magic!

What are some things that help you when budgeting for Christmas, or unique ways that Santa does things at your house? 

I leave you with another favorite SNL Christmas skit...

Peace out, 2017.

Christmas Traditions