Hi. I am Elizabeth. 

Welcome to my blog. I use this little space to chronicle the adventures of the Noel family!

Name that Tune

Name that Tune

Head Full of Doubt/ Road Full of Promise...

Anyone who knows me knows that I love music. I mean, really love music.  There is constantly music playing in our home, and I can't be in the car without music playing. What can I say- I like having a soundtrack for my life. :) I have extremely eclectic taste- I listen to everything from Billy Joel to James Taylor to the Newsies soundtrack to the Avett Brothers. Those Avetts are my favorite. Their music brings me so much joy, I can find a song that fits any mood, and all my guys love it too. So when I was thinking of naming my blog- I knew it needed to be something musical. Bryan and I were tossing around ideas and Road full of promise came out- it is one of the songs I listen to most. I also felt that it represented what I wanted this blog to be. The road full of promise I see for my boys, the road full of promise I see for my clients, the road full of promise that leads to get the picture. 

Different perspectives you will get from this blog:

wife: I am a wife to my favorite, and the most handsome man in all the land- Bryan. I want to share fun things we do together, how we balance all the crazy, making time for each other, date night fashion, and I might even get him to write some posts as well.

momma: I am a momma to 2 awesome boys. Both of my boys rock an extra chromosome. I hope to share their awesomeness with you. I will share about balancing life with 2, IEP stuff, sensory stuff, scheduling,  mommy fashion/ beauty, good books I've read etc. 

Adoption consultant: I will be sharing about lots of different adoption topics, congratulations posts for my sweet clients, and hopefully have some guest bloggers on this topic as well!

Taco-lover. I am a foodie. Especially when it comes to tacos. Goodness gracious I love tacos. Any kind any where. I also love cooking as much I love eating. This will be a place to share recipes, meal planning, restaurant reviews, etc. 

There will be lots more too: book reviews, fashion and beauty, just prettymuch who I am and what I enjoy.

I leave you with my title song- enjoy friends. 

Until Next time... 

Conversations over Coffee

Third Time is a Charm

Third Time is a Charm