Hi. I am Elizabeth. 

Welcome to my blog. I use this little space to chronicle the adventures of the Noel family!

What I Read

What I Read

I LOVE reading blogs- that is part of the inspiration for me starting my blog. I love having a creative outlet, and a place to process, ask questions, and share our life with. I would LOVE to hear what blogs you enjoy reading. Always looking for more! 

Beauty- I love reading Kate's blog. She is my go-to person for beauty products, hair tutorials, and makeup tutorials. I feel like our style is similar in many ways, and I have never been disappointed in a single product that I bought on her recommendation. Added bonus- she loves Jesus! 

Style- Jessica is a style blogger in Atlanta. I started reading her blog when I found her haircut on pinterest. Once I went to her site and saw that she had a Boston terrier like Georgie, that was it. She is the inspiration for many of my outfits, and she is hilarious. Seriously, go follow her. 

Lifestyle- There are several "lifestyle" blogs I read. I guess that is the category mine would fall into as well. These ladies are all so different and inspire me for many different reasons. 

 My Bestie's blog - Jenny's blog is one of my very favorite to read. (not saying that just because she is my bestie, I promise) She has such a way with words, and her photos are just so lovely. She posts on everything from encouragement to momma's in the trenches, food (all of her food is amazing), home style, their infertility journey, and styles for momma's and daughters. It's just the best. 

Jamie Ivey- Jamie is one of my favorite podcasters. I love listening to her podcast and following her on social media. She also is an adoptive momma like me, and I love seeing and hearing her heart for adoption and missions. She also has great style- she inspired my feather earring purchase! 

Rachel Hollis- Rachel's blog is my current favorite. She also has a vlog- so there are many different ways to get info from her. She is my current hair crush- and I pretty much want her entire wardrobe. She is a business owner, momma (and adoptive momma recently), she has great healthy food tutorials and she is HILARIOUS. Go follow her- you won't be disappointed. 

Landyn- Landyn's blog is my newest find. I found her from a few different people who follow her on instagram. She is a fashion/style blogger, and I love her style. She lives in Tennessee with her family, and she is so funny. Her site is absolutely gorgeous, and I have been making her recipes often over the last few weeks. 

Food- Ali's blog is a go-to when I am meal planning. After trying her simple marinara sauce (I am super picky about my marinara), and a few other things, I was sold. Everything I have made from her blog has been delicious. If you are looking for some new recipes, look no further!

Adoption- There are a few adoption blogs I like to read, of course, I love reading Christian Adoption Consultants' blog. It is full of great posts about adoption, what to expect, and celebration stories about the families who worked with us. I also enjoy Lauren Casper's blog I met Lauren at an adoption conference this year, and heard a bit of her story. I went home and caught up on her blog in a matter of days. She also just published her fist book, and it is at the top of my list! I met Kristin Berry at that same conference and heard her story, and went to her breakout on open adoption which was so so helpful. She and her husband also have a podcast- check them out! A few of my favorite adoption blogs also have to do with Down syndrome, so i made a separate category for those. 

Down syndrome/lifestyle: As you guys know, we have two sons with Down syndrome. When we first adopted Dex, a friend recommended Kelle Hampton's blog to me. I read Nella's birth story and have been following her ever since. Her blog isn't just about Down syndrome- in fact, most of it isn't, but I love seeing Nella, who is a little over a year older than Dex grow and be a little farther along this path. Kelle also has great style, is so funny, and real. I love love reading her blog!  Another favorite is, I found Elizabeth on Instagram, and then started reading her blog. She has a sister with Down Syndrome, and then she and her husband adopted a little one with Down syndrome. They also have two other precious girls- you have to follow her- her girls are adorable and say and do the funniest things. I LOVE her blog.  I have also been following Heather Avis over at the Lucky Few for several years. She is an adoptive momma of 3, and two of her little ones have Down Syndrome. She also just published her first book- and I got to be a part of the launch team- book review coming soon! She is such an advocate for inclusion (go read her latest post, and have tissues), loves her kiddos well, and is an encouragement to my heart. 

Those are the blogs I read often. What are some of your favorites? I am always looking for new reads! 

**And make sure you follow these bloggers on social media too- their instastories are awesome too, and give you a peek into their daily lives!



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