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Welcome to my blog. I use this little space to chronicle the adventures of the Noel family!

Conversations over Coffee

Happy Friday, friends! 

I hope your week has been filled with summer-y things like swimming, watermelon, sun, family and friends. It has been a busy week filled with doctor visits and packing for a weekend trip to celebrate the wedding of my bestie's little sister. The next few weeks are crazy around the Noel house with a trip this weekend, work, a concert and then our DISNEY trip! I am excited, if you can't tell. Grab an iced coffee and let's chat about my favorite things this week. 

- Our friend Jacob spoke at church on Sunday. He spoke from 2 Corinthians. Something he said really hit me. "Pray life into your mundane so your mundane can be a light to the world." So often I get so bogged down in dishes and diapers and running here and there, and often my attitude is pretty crummy-because I am being selfish and wanting to do something for myself instead of being present with my husband and my boys. I have begun to pray that the Lord would help me take care of all the things He has entrusted to me joyfully and unselfishly. That statement was such an eye-opener for me. I want others to see the love of Jesus when they look at me, how I care for my children, how I love my husband, and in every little thing I do no matter how mundane it seems. 

 One of my favorite accessory purchases made their way to my mailbox this week. I am in love with these mod marble studs from Noonday Collection. When my friend, Heather Bagley first became an ambassador, I was looking through the catalog and stopped on the marble studs. I knew I needed them- but they were sold out. I had to wait for them to come back in stock, but I got them once they were restocked. They are the perfect  summer earring- and each purchase helps give jobs to artisans all over the world to help them support their families. Check out my friend, Heather's page and shop with a purpose. Seriously, you need these earrings. 

So I know that I talk about tacos a lot- I mean, they are in my blog title. But a close second to my love for tacos, is my love for breakfast foods. I could eat breakfast foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love eggs benedict, but only allow myself to order them on special occasions or vacation. Also, I tried to make them once and had poaching egg fiascos, as well as a hollandaise flop. Bryan and I watch Brunch with Bobby often (the cookbook is also on my wishlist) and he made Eggs-in-a-hole benedict with roasted tomato and garlic hollandaise. Let's just say Bryan and I were in the kitchen making those a few days later. They were AMAZING. No poaching eggs, the hollandaise was perfect and easy to make. Just add a side of fruit and a mimosa, and you have a fancy brunch that took no time at all! 

Have you heard of Born this Way on AE? If you follow me on any social media, you have heard of it because I post about it regularly. It is a show about adults with Down syndrome. I laugh and cry pretty much simultaneously throughout every episode. I love getting a glimpse into what our future will be like with our boys. I love that it raises awareness and disproves so many myths around Down Syndrome: they are always happy, they can't hold jobs, they can't live independently, and the list goes on an on. 

The show has had 2 really successful seasons, but the third is lacking ratings. Consider watching this show live on Tuesdays at 10 PM on AE, or record it on your DVR and watch within 3 days. As a momma of tiny humans with Ds, it is such an encouragement to my heart to see these awesome adults thriving. I would be so bummed if they didn't get a 4th season. Watch it for the awesome Noel boys. 

The Happiest Place on Earth is Calling

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