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The story of how we came to be the Noel Family- Part Two

So after we got married and finished school, I got a job as a kindergarten teacher (my lifelong dream) and started my Masters program. I worked for a year, and we decided that we were ready to begin a family. We had always talked about adopting and having biological children- we just figured the bio kids would come first.

We started trying to have a baby, and were so excited that at any time we would find out that we were pregnant and beginning our family. Month after month that did not happen, and we decided to go see the doctor and have some tests run. Everything looked great on our tests, and we decided to try Clomid (also known as the make-Elizabeth-lose-her-mind-and-become-crazy drug). We tried 3 cycles, and still no baby. All of this happened in a two year time span. At this point, I was weary, and questioning lots of things, especially since all of our tests were fine. I was not in a good place after all that time, it seemed that a dark cloud followed me around all the time. The Lord was so kind to allow my best friend and I to walk this road together- it was so amazing to have someone to talk to, cry to, and be encouraged by who knew exactly what I was feeling.  It was nearing the end of the school year, and we had started thinking that maybe adoption would be the way we would grow our family first. But we had NO CLUE where to begin. We weren't close to anyone who had adopted recently, and so we prayed and asked the Lord for guidance and boy did he answer. 

I was working on cumulative folders for my students during post-planning and noticed that one of my students' parents owned Christian Adoption Consultants- that was a God-thing for sure. I called Bryan immediately and he told me to set up a meeting with them. We did, and I could not have been more thankful that it was someone we were comfortable with, and could ask all of our questions. We met at a coffee shop, heard what CAC was all about- went home and talked about it, and within a week we had signed on with them. We were so thankful to have a consultant walk that road with us, and help us along the way. And now, I am super blessed to be a consultant with them, and I get the privilege of walking alongside families on this amazing journey. *  We finished our home study, and our caseworker became like family. We sent out all our applications, profiles, and home studies on April 1- and then we waited. 

Sharing the story of our sweet first-born next! And there will be a giveaway! 

Until next time...

* If you would like more info on Christian Adoption Consultants, I would love to speak with you! Shoot me an email at

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