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Conversations over Coffee

Hello and Happy Friday! It is a really happy Friday over here because Bryan and I are headed to see The Avett Brothers tonight at one of our favorite venues, the Fox Theater in Atlanta. I am beyond excited, not only to see one of my favorite bands but also for a date night with my guy. We used to have dates weekly or every other week- but since Gus has joined our family we haven't gone out as much because it is a little more difficult to find a sitter with Gus' feeding tube, oxygen, etc. So needless to say- we are so excited. I will also be having coffee all day so that I can stay awake past 10 pm. 

Another reason it is a happy Friday in the Noel home is because we leave for vacation in 2 days! Sunday can't come soon enough. We are so ready for a week away with just the 4 of us in our favorite place. Gus' first Disney trip is something I have been dreaming about since the day we met him- I can't wait to stroll through Disney with our 2 boys! In the spirit of vacation coming soon, I have made a list of some travel essentials for any Noel road trip. What are your road trip necessities?

to-go coffee cups- We drink a lot of coffee at home, and that does not change on the road. We like having our to-go cups filled to the brim when leave (We leave super early in the mornings because that is when our boys travel best, and we get where we are going by nap time). We make multiple coffee stops along the way, so to-go cups are a must. My favorite is a stainless steel one from starbucks, but I found these at target that we can keep in the van an throw them away when we make the next starbucks stop. And they are so cute! 

Rebekah Lyons' Be Still and Know study- I always take a book on vacation, but since we are heading to Disney with two little ones, I know I won't be doing much reading. I was so excited about this 10 day study that I am doing with some gals from church. It is perfect for vacation- just watch the short video each day and read the devotion, and it is great to think on for the rest of the day. And the great part- it is on rest- which is perfect for vacation, right? Sign Up and the videos will be sent to your inbox each day!

road tunes- this is the second most important thing that every road trip includes (after coffee) is music. Bryan and I are both music lovers, and getting new music is a must before a trip. We recently got the new John Mayer album, and haven't listened to it together very much, so we are taking that. I am thinking of getting the new Ed Sheeran album for the way home. We are always looking for new tunes, so let me know if you have recommendations! 

car snacks- Dex would claim that cheeze-its and applesauce are a must, Bryan likes potato chips, and my favorite car snack is Pirate Booty cheese puffs. Recently we have packed a lunch so that we don't have to make a big stop and get where we are going later- sandwiches, fruit, pretzels, and of course something sweet- goobers for Bryan and Starbursts for me. 

swim suits- I just got this new suit from modcloth for vacation. I've been searching all over for a mommy-approved suit that stays put, but is still cute and trendy. This one is absolutely perfect. I ordered my normal size on top and one size up in the bottoms so that I could get a little more of a high rise. I am so so excited to play in the pool with my family, and have a cute, mommy-approved suit! 

That's all for today, friends! I am packing and getting ready for my date tonight! I will be a little MIA next week since I want to soak up every minute with my family- but make sure you follow me on instagram (enoel83) to keep up with our travels! I am leaving you with the traveling song by The Avett Brothers- perfect song choice for today's post- it's also on my bucket list to play live. Hoping to hear it tonight!

Until next time...

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