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Our Top Ten Vacation Moments

Hello! We are back from our week away at Disney, and we are sad to be home, but our boys are so glad to be back to their routines! We got home and they fell right back into their routines! Conversations over Coffee will be back next Friday, because this week I am talking all about our Disney Vacation!

I wanted to share some of our favorite moments from our trip countdown style. 

10- upgraded room: We stayed at a value resort since we decided to spend a little more on some fun meals instead of on the room. We always do one or the other. When we got there, they gave us a room with one king bed instead of two queens. I would have been ok sleeping with Dex between Bryan and I for one night, but for 7, um, no. So I called down to see if we could be moved to a room with two queen beds- she said to give her a little while and she would see what she could do. When she called me back and gave me our new room number, she said, "tell your boys happy birthday". (We were celebrating both since we wouldn't be back in July or August. ) We walked in to find 2 adjoining rooms- one with a king bed, and one with two queens. So we had 3 beds, 2 bathrooms, and it was glorious! Thankful for that Disney magic!

9-Gus' first time Swimming- Gus went swimming for the very first time. He liked it for about 15 minutes, then he got very overstimulated and cried until I took him back to the room where he napped for over an hour. He enjoyed it just as much the next day!

In the kiddie pool

In the kiddie pool

8- Meeting my adoption clients- This was one of my favorite parts. Most of my current clients are local, so I have met with them for coffee- but my newest clients live in Florida. I was so thankful that they had time to meet me. I love meeting my clients in person and getting to know them a bit better. So thankful for my dream job, and getting to work with the best families ever! 

7- Hanging out with friends- Since Orlando is prettymuch our second home, lots of our favorite people live there. Some of our dearest friends there invited us over for dinner and to hang out. Let me start by saying that we would love these friends no matter what, but the fact that they make some of the best food I have ever eaten. They made us fresh pasta- which was my first time having it- I will forever make mean faces at the boxes of pasta in the grocery store. There is no comparison at all. Then for dessert they made us Irish coffee and French chocolate Fondant. Needless to say, we left with our hearts and our bellies full. 

6-The Food: One of my favorite parts of Disney is the food. From Chef Mickeys to Boma to Art Smith's Homecoming- the food never disappoints. The foodie in me loves Disney, even when we don't visit the Disney food mecca of Epcot. I can't wait to go back and go to Epcot!!!

5- Dex's first roller coaster- I will carry the memories of Dex's first roller coaster with me forever. Bryan was so sweet to let me go with him. I think he knew how important it was to me. Dex got a little nervous as we were in line, but he was brave and got on. It was nearly impossible for me to not laugh at what happened next. When the ride took off- Dex screamed like he was dying, then he started laughing, then he started saying all done, then there were tears, smiles, and clinging to me for dear life. It was amazing and hilarious to witness. So proud of my boy for facing his fear- although I don't think he will get on a roller coaster anytime soon. 

4- Bon Voyage Breakfast- This is the newest character breakfast at Disney. Dex's favorite princess is Rapunzel, and he loves Flynn Rider too- so this breakfast was a no brainer. The food was INCREDIBLE and the characters were great with Dex. We will be back for sure! 

3- Gus meeting Mickey- This was a dream come true moment for me. The moments that Dex and Gus met Mickey mouse for the first time will be in my heart and memory forever. 

2- Gus' first mouse ears- I mean this is self explanatory, right? Take a look at those ears on my cute baby! 

1- Dex playing with the little boys at the hotel- Bryan is going to be telling you all about this amazing night- it was worth the whole trip. It was definitely the best part of the whole trip. Seeing others play with your kid like he is no different from them is a gift to parents. We work so hard to advocate, educate and show others how our boy just wants to be included like everyone else. And to go all the way to Florida, and a group of 10-12 year old boys who had more emotional intelligence that many adults do not have was such awesome to be a part of. I can't wait for you to hear Bryan's first hand account of what happened. 

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