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Conversations over Coffee

Conversations over Coffee

Hello friends! We are heading home from a lovely week in Florida. I am just so thankful for the relationships that came into our lives through Gus- especially our open adoption with his birth family. I can't wait to share more about it on the blog soon! 

Now its time to get home and get ready to celebrate a sweet boy turning 6 years old! I got a little teary just typing that. My baby is going to be a 6 year old first grader. I know that everyone says time flies, but it really really does. I am so excited to celebrate my boy this week! We are having a big, joint birthday party for the boys in August, but we are having a day filled with Dex's favorite things, a Trolls themed birthday dinner at my parents house and a few more surprises to celebrate my sweet boy. We do birthdays big at this house.  

Every year I print photos to send to his birth parents, and every year I sit and cry over how much he grows from one birthday to the next. 

I am working on a gift list for Dex- that is always one of my favorite things to do. Dex is such a content little guy, who rarely asks for anything (other than snacks-haha) so I love picking out things I think he will like. This year I have put several fun things on his gift list- 

- Readers- He is doing so well with his sight words that we are ready to move on to some readers (and again, I am teary when I think about him reading)

-Squigz- His Occupational therapist showed us these cool toys. Dex thinks they are awesome and have no clue that his is working on his fine motor skills when he is playing with them. Win win!

- Marble tower- His buddy has a set of these and he always enjoys playing with them at her house. Thinking this is a fun family activity!

We will also be making homemade cupcakes with my bestie's buttercream frosting- it's the best. And Dex's love language is cupcakes for sure. 

Can you tell I am ready to get home and celebrate my boy this week?!?

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Until next time...

The story of how we came to be the Noel family- Part 3

The story of how we came to be the Noel family- Part 3

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