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Hi friends! 

I'm back- school started this week, so I am distracting myself with work and blog stuff and birthday party planning. I know Gus is still home with me, but I miss Dex something fierce when he is at school. I think maybe the unknown makes me nervous too- I don't know what he is doing, if he is tired, not feeling well, if someone isn't being nice to him, etc. so I am always a little on edge until he comes home. 

We also had family photos/blog photos taken last weekend. I can't wait to share them all with you, but for now here is a teaser of my sweet boys...

Our dear friend, and amazing designer, and founder of Atlanta Makers (also check them out on instagram) took these photos for us and he captured our family perfectly. It is amazing how much personality someone can capture when they know you and your family well. We love Joey T. 

I do have several things to chat with you guys about today. The first- the Nordstrom anniversary sale ends on Sunday. I've been looking at several things- but the budget would only allow one cute purchase from the sale. I got this cute striped top, and I can't wait to wear it now and on into fall. It is lightweight, has ruffled sleeves, and the colors will be perfect for fall. 

There are a few more things on my wishlist- but alas, those will not be making an appearance in my closet this time around. These booties get all the heart eyes, shoes and bags are my thing- so this madewell tote also made the wishlist. Love the wine color and the stripe. This sweatshirt and this off the shoulder dress are also super cute. The prices are great! Did you get anything from the N-Sale?

Bryan and I have Upbeet 2 times in the last 2 weeks. It is that good. Something for everyone. Since Bryan is currently vegan, there are lots of options there for him, and I can get a salad loaded up with steak and blue cheese. Their smoothie bowls (try the almond joy) and smoothies are incredible. If you are in or near midtown- give it a try. 

Speaking of food, if you eat meat, you need to try this lemon chicken recipe. It is so so good, and super easy! If you have lemons, chicken and white wine- you can whip up this recipe in no time. And if you aren't a meat eater this Vegan Shepherds Pie is delightful. I didn't think I would like replacing beef with lentils, but turns out- it was awesome. So even if you do eat meat, give that one a try too. And it helps that both of these are very budget friendly too! 

One last thing I want to share with you guys this week is the Happy Balance Planner. I wouldn't remember anything if it weren't for mine. I am super picky when it comes to planners, and this one is the absolute perfect one for me. It is a 6 month planner, which means I can get a new one every 6 months which also makes my heart so happy. It has a full day for each page, and a daily to do list. And the best part is, it is a cute couple who live in the Atlanta area that make them. Check them out- they have just rolled out their weekly Happy Balance Planners if that is more your speed. I love shopping local, and supporting small businesses. 

Well that's all for this week! Now we are prepping to clean out this whole house this weekend while the boys hang out with my parents. Since we are downsizing, (hallelujah) we don't want to take a bunch of stuff we don't need with us. Woohoo! 

Until next time...

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