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My Gus Gus is One!


My Dearest Gus, 

Oh my boy, where do I begin? You entered our lives in a flash, and you haven't slowed down since. 

I remember vividly that day that we got the call that your amazing birthparents had chosen us to be your momma and daddy. And when I saw that first picture, I knew that I was going to love you forever. 

We met you and you were so so tiny. Your preemie clothes were way too big, and only the hat they made you at the hospital would fit. We sat together in that NICU for 5 weeks (you spent an extra week there with your birthparents before we got there) , and we rocked and sang and rocked some more. I memorized every part of your little face and every number on the monitors you were hooked up to. They were long days, but we made so many wonderful friends in our nurses and hospital staff that we weren't lonely for a minute. Everyone that met you fell in love with you, and momma bear only had to come out a few times. We were instantly connected, and you only had eyes for me for so long. 

You've had a rough go, and more hospital stays than your brother, daddy and myself combined. But you are a fighter, and a determined little thing. I mean, you figured out a way to army crawl without your g-tube touching the floor. You are going to find a way to do what you want to do- and that is going to help you go far in life. You are always on the go, and totally opposite from your brother. 

Speaking of your brother- you think he is the best thing on the planet. You will fly across the room to be as close to him as possible, and he can make you smile and laugh like no one else. It is exactly what I imagined when I thought about your relationship when you were tiny. 

You are still my tiny mouse, and I think you may be tiny forever. And I am totally ok with that. You smile and make friends everywhere we go. And if I had a nickel for every time I hear "his hair is so awesome", I would be rich. 

Although you are only a year old, my heart can't remember a time when you weren't in it. SO thankful that I get to love you and be your momma. I can't wait to watch you continue to learn and grown and become the awesome little man you are destined to be. 

You have my heart, my boy. And I love you so. 


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