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Celebrations over Coffee


Hello friends! 

This week has brought many celebrations around the Noel home. 

First, we made it home from Florida before Irma struck, and some of our dear friends came to stay with us as well. We had tacos, and cupcakes and margaritas- I mean, those are the "escaping a hurricane" essentials, right? 

Next, we finally found and hired an advocate and educational consultant to help us with our school situation for Dex. We are so thankful to have found her, and the bonus is that she has had past experience with Dex's teacher, so we didn't even have to explain our situation. So wonderful to have what you think you know about a situation be validated. I really thought I was going crazy there for a bit. We are thankful to have someone to speak for Dex and us and make sure that his IEP is correct and being followed. 

My birthday is on Sunday, so that's always fun! My family is celebrating me all weekend- because they know how much I love my birthday. I am so not that girl who doesn't like for people to know it's her birthday. I mean- I still wear a birthday button or tiara most birthdays. Turning 34 is going to be great! Looking forward to a Star Wars themed birthday dinner at my parents house on Saturday and a date night with my love on Sunday evening. I am not sure what else B has planned for my actual birthday, but he always spoils me! 

Lastly, we are celebrating because our Gus will finally be able to see! We found out that he doesn't have the best eyesight and he will be getting the tiniest little glasses to help him see. It also upped his already adorable self by a million percent. 


I mean, seriously?!?!? Look at that face! Ugh I could eat him up. 

What do you have to celebrate this week, friends? We make a habit of celebrating that small things and the big things around here! 

Until next time...

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