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Why Use an Adoption Consultant?


Hey friends! 

Many of you know that I am an adoption consultant, but I get questions so often about what exactly that means. 

If you are like us, when you started thinking about adoption, you thought that you find a local agency, and become a waiting family on their waiting list. Often times those wait times are several years long on average. And if you have battled infertility for awhile, more years of waiting is not your idea of a good time. 

When we first heard of Christian Adoption Consultants, we weren't really sure what an adoption consultant did, or why we needed one, but by the time we left that first meeting- we understood why we needed some.

Here are some benefits to working with a consultant: 

- Having someone who is experienced and knows the adoption world to walk alongside you from the moment you sign on, until your adoption is finalized. I will provide you with guidance and education, and answer any questions you may have. 

- Shorter wait times due to a multi-agency approach. The wait time on average is 6-10 months. I have seen families match within days of completing their home studies.

-At CAC, we use a multi-agency approach, which means that we recommend smaller agencies all over the U.S. in adoption friendly states. We also see referrals from attorneys and agencies looking for adoptive families. 

- Adoption can be expensive, and that can be overwhelming. I will supply your family with financial resources and fundraising ideas in order to help with that cost. 

Adoption can feel overwhelming, and it is my job to walk with you every step of the way. I absolutely love walking with families who are growing their families through adoption. I love seeing how God writes each individual story. 

If you would like more information, email me at and check out the website at Christian Adoption Consultants

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