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Coffee Conversations: Bedroom Makeover


Hello friends! 

We are heading home from our quick trip to Orlando, and our late night date night at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. We are so thankful for our dear friends in Orlando who were kind enough to hang out with Gus so Bryan and I could enjoy a date night at the happiest place on Earth. We are so thankful for our amazing tribe- we have been blessed with the best friends who love our boys so much. We are eternally grateful. 

Well We are getting settled in our new house and are starting to decide what we want to do to complete our decor. We will be getting the interior painted at the end of the month- so everything will go from beige and brown to white, white, white. Can I get an amen? I am so excited to have white walls and trim- since we rented our last house, we decided not to paint because we didn't want to repaint before we left. We are so tired of beige/khaki walls. And since our remodel will take several years we are going to start with painting the interior, and the kitchen cabinets. Then we will save and remodel as we can. 

We sold our bedroom furniture when we moved- because it was mine before we got married, and not really our style anymore. So we are currently sleeping on our mattress on the floor, have bare walls and are using the dresser I used when I was a baby. Needless to say- our room getting done is priority numero uno. 

We have picked out our bed and dresser from Ikea. We love the fact that the bed also has drawers underneath for extra storage. It is so perfect for our smaller room. We also found these nightstands that we really like. I am still on the hunt for a rug to go with the bedspread I posted about last Friday. The theme for the room is clean and relaxing. I mean, not really a theme- but it makes sense in my mind. I want lots of white, some light gray and gold accents, and bring in a little more color with the rug we choose. I really like this rug, and this one- just have to see what Bryan thinks! I want to take my time and get exactly what I want. Over the bed, I want to get a painting done by my childhood friend Jana Fleming- I am absolutely in love withe her pieces! I can't wait to hang one over our bed. These accent pillows (1, 2) are also going to have to make their way into our room. 

I can not wait to get started on making our bedroom the most relaxing room in our new home! 

Until next time...

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