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Friday Favorites

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Hello friends, and happy Friday! It is raining and Gus woke up with a fever (hoping it’s just teeth) so we are staying in PJs and drinking all the coffee.

I decided to share with you some of my current favorites today. They are random, but they are all pretty awesome. And friends share the awesome things they find with friends.


First, is this sweater from Madewell. I have been eyeing it for awhile, but waited until it was on major sale to pull the trigger. It is thick and cozy, and the color is the perfect shade of gold. This one will be on repeat while it is still cold outside.

Next are a few snacks and drinks I have discovered. I have started making my own little mocktail each day of kombucha and la croix. It is so good. I don’t love the bite of the kombucha on it’s own- but mixed with some fizzy lacroix it is amazing. My favorite combo is the strawberry kombucha and the blackberry cucumber lacroix.



It’s common knowledge that I spend most of my time in my car in carpool, going to therapies, or to doctors. I have been looking for some snacks that I enjoy to keep in my purse- and these EPIC sriracha chicken bars are perfect. They are loaded with protein, so they fill me up, they are delicious (and i dislike all kinds of jerky- but these are GOOD). I also found these Theo dark chocolate coconut bites, and they taste just like an almond joy without all the high fructose corn syrup! I may also have a pack of those in my purse for when the chocolate craving hits!



Speaking of things in my purse, I have recently fallen in love with all things Beautycounter. Two of my favorite products that I have at all times are my beautycounter gloss and the lip conditioner. Just like I try to eat foods that aren’t full of bad stuff- I also want to use things on my skin and my kids skin that isn’t filled with bad stuff as well. I am working on a whole post about how we all use beautycounter products in our home. It’s coming soon!



Last, but not least, when I went to the Ruby’s Rainbow retreat in October, I met Geeta. Geeta is a mindfulness expert, and she led us through a mind and body wellness seminar. Part of that was meditation. Now I will admit, I had never had someone lead me through a meditation exercise. I had no clue what to expect- but she led us step by step, and it was amazing. I found the app called headspace and started using it each day to help clear my mind, focus and reduce stress. It is a great app. They even have meditations for kids! Can’t wait to try those!


What things are you loving this week? Friends share the awesome things they find. :)

Until next time...

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