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Essential Oils in the Noel Home


We use Essential Oils everyday in our house. We have for awhile- I totally believe that they can keep us healthy, help our emotions, and make our house smell lovely without putting chemicals in the air!

I wanted to share a typical day with you guys and how we use them on the regular. If you have any questions, or specific oils you have questions about, let me know! I am passionate about using as many natural things in our home as possible.

-Diffuse Every Night/Morning- every night and every morning we diffuse in the boy’s rooms. I need to get a couple more diffusers soon, one of our room and one for our living room/kitchen area. We diffuse thieves (wellness blend) and cedarwood (sleep- lavender doesn’t work for either of my kids or me.) Cedarwood is the best we have found for sleeping. It also helps with breathing and respiratory issues- which both my kids have. I turn the diffusers on when I get the boys up to use the last of the oil in the diffusers and start the day with the wellness blend filling our lungs.


-"Going out in public blend"- Especially in the winter, I make sure the boys have some sort of oil blend on the boys to combat all the things and germs. With the flu as terrible as it is this year, I have been putting this blend on Gus’ feet and on Dex’s feet and down his spine. Here is the blend if you want to make one for your self or your kids.

Going out in public Blend-

Roller bottle

Carrier oil- I use Sun Coco oil ( I get it on Amazon)

Fill the bottle almost all the way to the top with the carrier oil. Then add-

  • 3 drops of thieves

  • 2 drops of copaiba

  • 3 drops oregano

  • 2 drops tea tree

  • 2 drops frankincense

  • 2 drops purification


-Gus’ feet at night- I use the Young living kidsense oils on Gus’ feet each night. They are already diluted, and I put one drop of sleepyze and sniffleease in my hands and rub on the bottom of his feet. They have really helped. I can tell a difference when I forget them at night.



-Diffuse in the car- I recently bought a car diffuser, and I will diffuse purification or thieves and cedarwood in the car as well. It makes my car smell good, and still promotes wellness!

- Deep cleaning the house- I use thieves cleaner when cleaning our home. It works for everything- glass, countertops, floors, etc. I also make cleanser from water, white vinegar and an essential oil (usually lemon) it works well too!

- M-Grain nightly- M-Grain is my bff. I suffer from migraines and tension headaches. So I put a little M-Grain blend on my neck and shoulders each night. I especially make sure I do it during that time of the month when I am prone to migraines. It is so helpful. It doesn’t smell amazing, but it helps and often when I use the oil, I don’t have to take my migraine meds which make me feel like a crazy person!



A few other oils we use regularly when we get sick or feel sick:

-Peppermint for fevers- Peppermint on the bottoms of feet when you have a fever. We try this before we do advil, etc. It is amazing how often it works and we don’t need advil, etc.

-Oregano capsules when feeling crappy- When I start to feel like I am getting sick, I immediately take 3 drops of oregano in capsule (filled the rest of the way with carrier oil) I take it about 3 times a day- within a few days I am usually feeling better.

We love using oils in our home.

** If you are interested in knowing how to get oils, or have any questions, just leave a comment or email. I will be happy to share.


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