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Easy and Budget-Friendly Valentines Date Ideas

Easy and Budget-Friendly Valentines Date Ideas



Bryan and I don’t go all out for Valentines Day, usually. This year we are because we have not been away from our kids together in 18 months. We are excited for a night away to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but really to celebrate Gus not being on oxygen, so we can leave him overnight! :)

I am going to share how we do Valentine’s Day in our home next week. We make it special, but not over the top. I usually don’t get flowers or chocolate- which is totally fine with me!

All of the dates listed below are dates that Bryan and I have enjoyed on Valentines day throughout different seasons of our marriage. Most of these can be done at home- because Bryan and I are homebodies and had rather be home with our kiddos.

If you are looking for something easy, fun and budget friendly- check out these 10 ideas!

1- $10 in a store and a coffee shop- This was one of my favorite dates! We gave each other $10, went to target and picked out fun little gifts for each other. Then we went to Starbucks, had coffee and a pastry and exchanged gifts. It was so fun and a challenge to find something for the other person for $10.

2- Make dinner together with a theme- Dates 2 and 3 can go together but they can also be done separately. Create a theme and make a dinner around it. We have done foods that are red, heart shaped food, traditional steak dinner, or pick a movie and build your theme around that.

3- Curl up on the couch with a romantic movie- We are suckers for a good rom-com. When the babies were little all we had energy to do was put them to bed and watch a movie- sometimes only half of a movie. The important thing is spending time together. Even if it is sleeping through a move.

4- Make a fun cocktail and dessert- This was one of my favorite Valentines. Bryan was in charge of the cocktail and I was in charge of the dessert. We each made our part, then enjoyed them together. So fun and easy!

5- Go to a hotel for the night- We have done this a few times- including tonight. This can be as fancy or unfancy as you want. We have stayed in  a hotel room close to the house, taken our own food and drinks and watched HGTV until we fell asleep. We have also stayed in a fancy hotel and ordered room service. Again- it’s about the time together, not how much money you spend.

6- Dinner at your favorite restaurant- This is an easy one, unless your favorite restaurant is one of the popular valentine’s day restaurants. But ours happens to be a little Mexican Restaurant close to home. So we don’t have to fight for a reservation.

7- Have a game night with pizza and champagne- Order pizza, put champagne on ice and grab phase 10, trivial pursuit or scattergories.

8- Go out for dessert and to walk around your town- We have done this with friends before and it was a fun Valentine’s double date. Especially if the weather is nice!

9- Spa night- Bryan and I love this one! Give each other pedicures, massages, do face masks, make spa water and salad, play spa music- you get the idea! Just pamper each other

10- Chopped Valentine’s Edition- Go to the store, buy the ingredients and let your significant other do a chopped style challenge for you or vice versa. It is so fun to see what Bryan came up with from the ingredients I chose.

Valentine’s Day is totally a hallmark holiday, but I will take any reason to celebrate and love on my guy. Hopefully you will find these ideas helpful, no matter what season of life you are in.

Happy Friday, friends!

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year?

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