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Disney for Two

Disney for Two


This will be the last installment of my Disney posts, unless I get questions I haven’t answered here! I mean, I can always find something Disney related to chat about.

I am so excited about this last post.


A little backstory...When Bryan and I got married, he had only been to Disney World once when he was a little boy. He was also adamant that he didn’t like theme parks. Well he married a Disney fanatic that had been to Disney World nearly 20 times in her 21 years of life. So something had to change.

The first few times we went to Disney World was with my parents (we were poor married folk). I thought that helping him love Disney would be to see and do everything all in one day. I quickly learned this fueled his theme park hate fire even more. Over the years, we have found a Disney system that works for us. I shared those tips and tricks throughout my Disney posts.

I will tell you though that my favorite way to do Disney is on a date. Just Bryan, a theme park and a churro is all I need! :)


Bryan and I love doing Disney Dates. Our very favorites are the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. We like to do both of these as date nights each year, but some years we only get to do one. Bryan works in Orlando, so he plans trips to be in the office when the parties are going on, then I fly down, meet him and we have a date night. With party tickets, you can get into the Magic Kingdom at 4 pm with the party ticket, even though the party doesn’t start until 7 pm. It is more budget friendly to do it that way since a one day park ticket is more expensive than the party ticket. We have dinner before the party, usually at a quick service restaurant where we can share a meal.

We also enjoy having a day in Epcot to ourselves. We meet characters, enjoys the adult beverages the World showcase has to offer- and enjoy each other’s company. Epcot is our favorite park, and the perfect date location since it has the best food and drinks out of all the Disney Parks.


I want to share my 3 major dos and don’ts for Disney dates


  • Act like a kid- meet characters, have your photo taken as often as you can.

  • Walk slowly- enjoy not having a stroller, a crying kid, or having to stop for a potty break every three minutes

  • Eat snacks, not meals- we like to try different things, and don’t want to spend our time having a sit down meal when we only have a limited time to enjoy the parks together.


  • Waste time eating at fancy restaurants- especially if you are in Epcot, the quick service food is just as amazing as the sit down restaurants. We like to grab a quick snack and drink, pick a bench and eat as we talk or people watch (one of our favorite Disney activities)

  • Worry about fastpasses- standing in line together gives you more time to chat, and even snuggle if it’s not 10 million degrees.

  • Don’t try to do everything- just enjoy each other. It’s a date, even if you are in a theme park, rushing through a date is no fun, so just grab a margarita and take a stroll through the world showcase.

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