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Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse


Disclaimer- I am a quitter. I am not good at diets. I am not good at someone telling me what I can and cannot eat or drink. It is who I am. So it was a big deal that I actually did a juice cleanse without quitting or cheating. But I am no hero. The moment my cleanse was over I ate tacos. I just want you all to remember that when you are reading this post.


So after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years I was feeling pretty crummy. Tired all the time, never hungry, always feeling sluggish and weighed down. Since Bryan has been a Vegan for nearly a year, and I have been cooking more and more vegan food for us, I decided a cleanse was the reset I needed.

Now you need to know this about me. I have started a juice cleanse before, and stopped before noon. I started whole 30 and made it to the whole 3. I am just not good at it. But I was determined this time. Bryan was a little nervous, because I also have this problem of being hangry. It’s a thing. I promise.

But nevertheless, I persisted. I ordered the juice cleanse, ate tacos as my last meal, and was ready to start early on a Thursday morning. My days started with a tumeric/ginger shot. It was terrible, and burned all the way down, but it did give me a little burst of energy.

The juices on the first day were amazing. Many had fruit in them, and were really tasty. I was not hungry at all, because as soon as I felt hungry, it was time for another juice.

The second day, started with delicious fruit and vegetable juices. By the end of the day I felt like I was drinking salads.


The third day was the hardest. There was no fruit in the juices. I repeat no fruit in the juices. I was drinking what tasted like salad and dirt all day long. I still wasting hungry- but I was little grumpy, because who wants to drink dirt and salad.

When it was over, I was so happy! I did learn a few things that I wanted to share.

  • I felt very light and clear headed. The fog was lifted. I thought I would be sluggish, hungry and tired, but it was the opposite.

  • I slept like a baby. Seriously- the sleep was SO good!

  • My skin was glowing- probably because I was so hydrated- but my skin looked amazing.

  • I wasn’t hungry, no caffeine headaches, had plenty of energy, etc.

Another important thing- Do not do this on a weekend. Weekends are made to enjoy good food with you family. Don’t torture yourself while your family eats Chick-Fil-A. Do it during the week, when you are busy, and aren’t snuggled up on the couch with your family watching a movie while they eat popcorn and chocolate. I wouldn’t advise that at all.

I would highly recommend doing a juice cleanse. The one from Kale Me Crazy was great! It was pricey, but totally worth it. I plan on doing a juice cleanse at the beginning of each season. It will reset my body, and I feel great afterwards! 

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