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Ruby's Rainbow 3/21 Pledge!

Ruby's Rainbow 3/21 Pledge!


Hi friends!!!

I am so excited to share with you about an exciting opportunity that I have for the next few weeks.

Ruby’s Rainbow is near and dear to my heart. Not only have I been following Liz and her journey for several years, thanks to Kelle Hampton’s blog. I have loved watching Ruby and Nella’s adventures each year. I also got the opportunity to meet Liz and hug her neck at the Rockin’ Moms Retreat last October.

I am part of the fundraising committee to raise money for scholarships for people with Down syndrome to attend college. Check out the video of 2017 recipient, Kirsta, below. Make sure you have your tissues.


3/21 Pledge


I am trying to raise $1500 (or more) over the next two weeks, which is half of a scholarship- to send an awesome person with Down syndrome to college! Taking the pledge is easy! Click on my fundraising link

  1.       Donate $21 (or more if you can)

2.       Pledge to be kind (easy peasy)

3.       Share it with 3 peeps.

I could not be more excited to be a part and see how men and women get to make their   dreams come true and attend college. I know that I will want my boys to have every opportunity that they desire. I will be posting more about the 3/21 pledge on my social media for the next two weeks. Share my link.  Help me get the word out, and take the pledge! Let’s support these Rockin’ Recipients!

Those two cute boys above are why I do what I do! I would do anything for my little loves!

Dining at Disney World

Dining at Disney World

a little of this and that

a little of this and that