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Friday Favorites: Old Navy

Friday Favorites: Old Navy



Well, we are off enjoying Bryan’s family reunion at a state park about an hour from home. This is one of my favorite trips of the year. I haven’t been able to go the past few years due to sick kiddos, so I am thrilled to get to go this year. There are always games, food, music and relaxation. When we got married, Bryan’s mom said that she didn’t care what we did around holidays as long as we made the state park a priority. I am so glad we did. I do have the best mother in law ever and her family is pretty great as well!

Moving right along, Old Navy has been killing it lately. So many cute things and great sales. I have added several new things to my closet over the past month, and now I have super cash to spend! I thought I would share a few things I am purchasing with my super cash for myself and my family.

For Me:

-1-  I am in need of some new athleisure attire. I am heading to CA in May, and will be pretty active, so I need some new workout clothes to wear on our retreat. Because who wants to wear old sweatpants when you go to California? Not this girl. I am going to grab these leggings and top. I am getting the leggings in petite (short girl problems) and the top in a tall for booty coverage. I love that Old Navy offers different lengths so you can get just the right fit! Now I just need to find a great sports bra- I will take any recommendations you have!

-2- I have had these jeans in my cart forever. I have seen them on several people, and I love a good boyfriend jean, t shirt and flip flops for the summer. I absolutely love the distressed details as well. I am ordering the short length in these as well.

-3- This blazer is another item I have been looking at for awhile. I have been wanting something to wear in the spring over my graphic tees, but this little blazer would look darling over a dress too. I have tried this on in the store, and I sized down one from my normal size.

For my Fam:

Bryan: I am picking up a few t shirts for him in the tall length. He has a super long torso, and has a hard time with shirts turning into crop tops after i wash them. The tall length has been a great solution. He wears t shirts and jeans every day, so he loves it when I get him t shirts.

Dex: I am picking up this tee and this tank for Dex. I love the way he looks in a tank and skinny jeans or a tank and his harem shorts in the summer. I love dressing my kids, that’s for sure!

Gus: I am getting him this denim romper because it is amazing- and it is also perfect for his feeding tube. I am getting this henley tank one-piece for the same reason!

I would love to know if you have gotten anything good at Old Navy recently, or what you are planning to spend your super cash on!

Hope you have a spectacular weekend, friends!

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