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Carry On Must Haves

Carry On Must Haves


Well friends, I am in California. I am reuniting with some mommas with kiddos with Down syndrome that I met at the retreat last October. These women have become some of my nearest and dearest, and I can’t wait to spend a few days in gorgeous Laguna Beach with them this weekend!

I packed my carry on last weekend for Orlando and this week for California.

I wanted to share my must haves with you . I love packing. I start packing for a trip at least a week in advance. I make a list before that. I LOVE traveling and packing and everything that comes with it.

There are a few things that I never get on a plane without. I thought that I would share them here, since we are entering the summer travel season.

1- A book- I listen to audiobooks and podcasts on my phone, but if my phone dies, or I need to save my battery, then I have a backup. Plus, I am pretty much Rory Gilmore and carry a book everywhere I go. Even if I don’t have time to read it, I like knowing it is there. I took this book with me to California, because I can’t get enough of the Enneagram. (I am a 6 if you want to know)

2- Clean undies and comfy clothes- just in case my bag doesn’t make it to my destination, I can shower and have clean undies. That is super important to me.

3- A portable charger for my phone and laptop. I love this charger that I found on Amazon. I will charge my phone 4 full charges before I have to recharge it.

4- Makeup wipes/ Facial Mist- My skin gets so dry on planes, so I use the facial mist before we take off and after we land. I have loved the caudalie beauty elixir for a while, but I am excited to try the Beautycounter Rosewater mist  as well. I always have wipes to remove makeup and cleanse my skin if I am flying overnight or if my luggage doesn’t make it.

5- A good pair of headphones- I am going to admit that I hate the apple headphones. They are so uncomfortable in my ears. I wanted a pair of wireless beats- but my budget said no. I did some research and found these wireless headphones on Amazon. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t too expensive. I have loved them since the moment I got them. I put them on to cancel out the noise even if I am not listening to anything and they are really comfortable.

Those are my must haves for any trip along with the normal- laptop, water bottle, comfy sweater, lotion, gum, snacks, etc.

What are your must haves?

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