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The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care


Hey friends!

I am finishing up my series on things that are important to me today! In July I will be starting something new on Fridays!

I wanted to end with one of my favorite topics today. You are hearing about self care EVERYWHERE! I have listened to several podcasts on the subject, and even one of my favorite books, Breathe Mama Breathe touches on it.  I love that it has multiple meanings. It is definitely a “you do you” thing.

I consider self care anything that fills you up! Whether it is a day of shopping alone, or just a few minutes dancing to your favorite song. A few evenings ago, my self care was closing the door to my bedroom while B made dinner, having a glass of Rose` and folding laundry. I just needed a few minutes of quiet time to myself. I didn’t need to spend a bunch of money or even leave my house!

I used to be terrible at figuring out when I needed a moment of self- care until it was too late and I needed a good three days of self-care to be refueled. Bryan actually notices before I do, oftentimes. Now with Bryan traveling so much, I make sure I take at least 5 minutes to have a quiet moment or do my nails, or something to fill back up since I am caring for the boys by myself. And when Bryan comes home, that is when the big self-care happens: pedicures, a night away at a hotel, going to bed early and sleeping in.

That’s the thing- as mothers, wives, and with work, we are constantly giving of ourselves. It is of great importance to make sure you are getting filled back up. I will list my very favorite ways to make sure I am taking care of me as well.

  • A nap

  • Worship music, a coffee and a drive

  • A cup of tea, a good book and quiet

  • Shopping or a pedicure

  • Going to bed super early

  • At home manicures

  • Getting my hair done

Those are a few of my very favorite ways to get my self- care. And sometimes, just a hug from my husband is enough to fill me back up.

I encourage you to find your own way to be filled, even if it is just 5 minutes a day!


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