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I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends

I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends

I have been thinking so much about different relationships in my life recently. I know I have a great tribe of people around me, and I am so blessed to have them.

I have friends who I have known since elementary/middle school. We can still pick up right where we left off, and they are like family. They have seen me at my best and my absolute worst. All of our spouses are part of ‘the gang” now too. Any major life events- those people are at the top of the list.


I have a best best friend. Anne Shirley always said she wanted a “bosom friend”. And that is what I have with my dearest friend. I love that we have a judgement free, come as you are friendship. I can yell, cry, laugh, scream, and know that she will love me the same and knows who I am. She is one of my greatest encouragers, but she asks the hard questions too. She is a prayer warrior for me and my family. I could go on and on.


I have amazing friends that I have made because of a magical chromosome. How amazing is that? My kids helped me find the best tribe of women who can understand things that I am feeling and going through without even saying a word. From potty training to IEPs to celebrating first steps and the magnitude of things that seem so tiny but are truly so big. This community is one of my very favorites because being a momma is one of my favorite things ever and I wouldn’t change my kids for a second- but there are certain challenges that come with Ds and I need those mommas to share wisdom with me.


I have amazing friends who were brought into my life by the most amazing church family. They are literally my family. The first time I met these people, I knew they were lifers. I mean our love of Jesus brought us together, but the community and family that we have there is the best. They have been there with meals, prayers, and encouragement. They love our kids well. They have laughed, cried, screamed, stayed at the hospital with us, kept my kids and just loved us well. They show up. I am beyond grateful for this sweet gift of our Mercy Hill family that the Lord has given.


Find your tribe Love them well. This is the truth. As I reflect on those relationships I have been gifted with, I realize that I have way way way more than I deserve.

As the Golden Girls say, “thank you for being a friend”.

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