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You are 7!
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My dearest Dex,

How are you 7 years old? I know I say it every year, but it doesn’t seem possible that you came into our lives 7 years ago.


From July 17 on, are my favorite days to reflect on the days of getting ready for your birth, packing ALL the things in the car (first time parents think they need everything), making the long drive with your daddy to our Death Cab for Cutie soundtrack, buying you your first Mickey ears, and getting the call that your birthmom was checking in to the hospital.  

I learned so much about you during those 42 hours with your birthparents at the hospital. I learned how much your birthparents loved you. They talked about you, how much they love you and how they hope you grew up to be awesome! We talk about them every year on your birthday and how much they love you still, and they must be  so proud of the awesome boy you are becoming.


I learned that you were going to be a very stubborn boy. They tried to induce your birthmom in every way possible, but you were staying put. You were warm and comfy, you didn’t care what day it was, you were staying put. You still have a way of staying put when you don’t want to do something- you can stand your ground. And I love that about you


I learned that you were a fighter. When you did finally decide you wanted to come out, you made it to a certain point and they saw the cord was around your neck twice. You didn’t let that stop you and you didn’t even need any oxygen. You came out screaming and crying (and almost giving your birthparents and your daddy and I a heart attack. You are still a fighter. Your determination is something that I love and admire most about you. Things are often harder for you or take you a little longer than your peers but you work so hard and are determined to make it happen.


We talk so often about how God made you just as He wanted to in His image, and with intentionality. You are no mistake in any way, and your magical chromosome makes you extra special.


You are growing into such a big boy. You have shown everyone that you are able and capable of going to school with your peers (something mommy always knew), you have already met several of your IEP goals over the summer for next year, and your really enjoy proving people wrong.


You are my little introvert and you need time to be alone to recharge. I am so thankful that the Lord has revealed that to us so your daddy and I can make sure you get that time you need to recharge.

You are my little empath. I have never seen a child read the emotions of a room like you can. Before anyone says a word, you know if they need a hug, a laugh or if they are upset. It is such a gift that the Lord has given you, that I know He has already used in my life, and he will use in many other people throughout your life.


You love chick-fil-a, the Avett Brothers, Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Storybots, Reading all the books, school, jumping on the trampoline, Movie Soundtracks, swimming, Starbucks and a good donut.


I can’t imagine my life without you, my precious gift. You made me a mommy and I will be forever grateful for God and your birthparents choosing me to be your momma.

Happy birthday, Declan Janek Noel, I can’t wait to celebrate you big this week!

Friday 5

Friday 5

Friday 5!

Friday 5!