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My Mom Uniform

My Mom Uniform


Hey friends!

When I asked what beauty and fashion questions you guys had over on my instastories- the number one question I received was, “How do you look so put together all the time?”

First of all, how sweet of you to think I look put together all the time. Those little squares aren’t shared when I have been wearing the same comfies for 2 or three days with greasy hair and no makeup. That’s when I only point the camera at my kids. Lol

I do find that when I do take a little time and help myself feel a little put together, then I get more done and feel better about myself. I also feel bad when my husband has seen me in the same comfy clothes day after day.

It has taken a long time, but I feel like I have it down to a science now. If I can find 30 minutes, I can make myself feel and look put together. Now, this is not including shower/ washing my hair. I usually need another 30 minutes then- but I usually shower at night or get up before my kids and shower. I wash my hair every other day. I have tried to go longer than that with dry shampoo, but my hair just won’t have it.  

So here is what I do to feel put together:

  • Dry shampoo, and a curling iron: I spray on dry shampoo, and let it work while I put on a little makeup. Then I grab about one inch sections of my hair and run a curling iron through it. I run my fingers through it and spray with my favorite hairspray and texture spray.

  • A little eye makeup and blush: Most days, I don’t have time to do a full face of makeup, and I don’t want to most days. I do some shadow, liner, mascara, brows and blush- then I am done. Is my skin still blotchy and uneven- yes, but I feel a little better with eyes and cheeks done, so that’s how I roll.

  • Throw on a layered outfit. Layering is key. I am always wearing some version of jeans, a tank or tee, and a kimono or cardigan. I throw on my favorite sandals and booties and I am done. This used to be harder before I started trying to by most of my wardrobe pieces to complement each other. I stick to a basic color palette and add fun accessories to add pops of color. I have made a capsule-ish wardrobe, if you will. I like each, comfortable pieces I can throw on. I have given some examples of things I wear on the regular below- so you can see how I mix and match things!

  • Add accessories: I throw on some big earrings and a necklace that pulls the whole look together.

That’s it, guys. My big secret includes minimal makeup and wardrobe staples that mix and match.

I hope that is helpful! I really have just thought and thought until I found a quick routine that will work for me. I just chose the things that made me feel best about myself (curled hair, cute clothes and eye makeup) and worked on my routine from there.


The second most asked question was about how I style my hair- stay tuned for a video tutorial coming soon!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!

Gus Gus is 2!

Gus Gus is 2!

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