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Friday 5- Getaway Date Weekend Edition

Friday 5- Getaway Date Weekend Edition



Well, my guy is whisking me away on a last minute trip today. I don’t think I have thought about anything else since he told me. I have been making packing lists, packing for the boys to stay with my parents, and daydreaming about sleeping in, swimming and reading a good book!

I thought I would share with you my favorite things about getting away with my guy.

1- I love flying. I love the rush of the airport, people watching and the little bags of pretzels. People watching is actually my very favorite. I am so excited to fly with Bryan today!

2- Airport snacks deserve their own spot on my favorites list. I always stop and grab a snack, a magazine and a giant bottle of water. I usually grab a people magazine and some sort of sweet treat. I am eating paleo now, so I will be choosing a healthier snack. I grab a coffee as well on my way to the gate. Gotta have my coffee!

3- I also love hotel life. Sleeping in, being lazy, room service, and not having a schedule. I love that we are checking in the hotel today and not leaving until Sunday. We are definitely needing some time to rest after the last few crazy months.

4- I love having a good book to read by the pool or lounging in our room. It allows for some good quiet time, as well as I don’t have the chance to read often when we are at home. This trip I am finishing up After You by Jojo Moyes on Audible, and then finishing Everybody Always by Bob Goff.

5- My final and favorite thing about traveling with my guy is time with him. We are always so busy with work, kids, and life that we need to spend time without any distractions in order to reconnect. There is no one I have more fun with, or love to be with other than Bryan. We love dates nights for this reason, but getaways are even sweeter since it is an extended time together, just the two of us.  I am so looking forward to just relaxing by the pool, with some adult beverages and my guy.

Hallelujah for a guy who sees that I am in desperate need of a getaway and he makes it happen. I am a blessed lady!

Have a happy weekend, friends!

Friday Five

Friday Five

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